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How to Properly Store Your Snowmobile for Summer

How to Properly Store Your Snowmobile for Summer

The arrival of spring might make some snowmobile enthusiasts a bit sad… And it’s perfectly understandable, since you know you won’t be able to practise your favourite outdoor activity for the next few months. But did you know that how you store your snowmobile can help you to start a new season off on the right foot? By following our advice, you’ll store your snowmobile in an optimal way so it can stay in perfect condition to ride on the first snowfall of next winter.


Essential steps

The first thing to do, once winter is over, is to fill up the gas tank before adding some fuel stabilizer to it. Then, run your snowmobile engine for 5 to 10 minutes to let the product properly disperse throughout the system. After, if your snowmobile is equipped with a four-stroke engine, it’s recommended to do an oil change. For a conventional two-stroke engine, spray an anti‑corrosive oil instead in the air intakes of the carburetor while the engine is running.

Another important step is changing the chain guard oil. Having clean oil will eliminate the humidity accumulated in winter in order to prevent corrosion. Then, a proper inspection of the braking system and brake fluid is also recommended. Since the brake liquid needs to be changed every other year, don’t hesitate to do it at the same time as the inspection, to maintain all your braking force.

Another important step in the storage process is cleaning your snowmobile. Take the time to wash it, rinse it and dry it. Remove all dirt and accumulated debris inside and out. Take the time also to remove the transmission belt. You can then apply a protective wax on the snowmobile to keep it looking sharp when winter returns. Finally, to protect the chassis, use a grease gun to lubricate the components of the suspension system.


The right choices for storing your snowmobile

If you have the ability to raise your snowmobile off the ground at its place of storage, don’t hesitate to do so. To protect the suspension, it’s best if the track and skis are suspended. For this purpose, you can use jack stands or long wood planks. And don’t forget to cover your vehicle with a tarp or canvas made of a breathable material in order to prevent the accumulation of humidity during storage. Also, to avoid the presence of rodents, think of plugging up the silencer with a dry rag.

Once all these steps are completed, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that, when the snow is finally back, your snowmobile will be good and ready to take you on new adventures, each more exciting than the last. Dear winter, it’s only goodbye for now!

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