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Repsol Moto Chain Dry


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This lubricant is the best choice to protect motorbike chains even under the most adverse conditions. It is commercialised as a spray, which simplifies its application, and ensures that the product sticks on the chain perfectly, minimising the spillages to the rear wheel. This product incorporates PTFE additives on its formulation that maximise its water resistance and allow optimal performance even at high temperatures in any type of environments. This lubricant is especially recommended for motorbikes with o-ring chains, which require the highest performance standards. To ensure optimal results, it is recommended to degrease the chain with the REPSOL DEGREASE & ENGINE CLEANER before applying the MOTO CHAIN DRY.

  • Excellent load-carrying capacity and anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties
  • High oiliness, which improves the sticking of the oil to the transmission chain and keeps the wheel clean
  • Optimal friction coefficient that improves the chain wear protection thanks to the PTFE additives
  • This product maximizes the lifetime of motorbike chains
  • Water-proof product: its performance is optimal even in humid environments


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