TGB Target 600 EPS

Claim Any Trail As Your Playground

Achieve complete terrain dominance with the new Target 600 EPS. The stylish chassis and powerful engine are perfect for a sporty experience and a rush of adrenaline on the field. Thanks to the 4×4 drive with differential lock, towing hitch, 3 mode power steering and factory included winch, it can withstand any application you put it through. The Target 600 also exceeds the standards of its class with dexterity, styling, comfortable handling and excellent quality.

Price start form $ 12 099

Freight and preparation fees in addition. Finance offer.


Engine Type : 561C.C SINGLE CYLINDER

Horsepower : 44.8HP

Max Torque : 46.5NM

Transmission : CVT

Drive System : 2WD / 4WD / LOCK

Front Rack Max Load : N/A

Rear Rack Max Load : N/A

Choose a color

Additional charge of $ 200 for Camo color


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